Employees are the greatest assets of every business/organization or company; this is what drives our dedication to human resources. We provide expertise in recruiting the right employees for the right jobs and further providing capacity building and technical assistance services to workers. This is done by our team of professionals and experienced human resources experts.


DAAS Africa is committed to helping organizations develop the talents of their personnel for smooth operations. We do deliver this through world-class training and coaching customized to the needs of our clients. Our training is run on the 80-20 principle, where 80% of the training intervention is achieved by the practical participation of the participants on the skills delivered and then the 20% being supported through coaching sessions and follow-ups which in turn increase the application of the skills learned from the sessions.



  • Change management.


The training program equips managers/leaders with tools and skills to implement changes more smoothly. It also gives an understanding of how change is implemented and how to manage objections.


  • Work culture


Under work culture training, we deliver the right tools and skills necessary to develop the morale of employees at the workplace and also improve organizational culture. The program will enable leaders at all levels to appreciate the desired culture and also know each one’s role in cultural transformation.


  • Leadership essentials


The leadership essentials (L-E), the program is a leadership journey that necessitates managers and leaders learning to strengthen the leadership of their teams and grow by themselves and understands their business environment. The participants engage in group practical learning sessions and also receive individual coaching. This program is intended to help leaders manage complex situations of the business and be able to deliver.


  • Sales performance improvement


The Sales Performance Improvement (SPI) program equips individuals, teams, and leaders with skills, knowledge, and attitudes that are necessary for enabling them to improve their sales performance as teams and ultimately contribute to the overall organization performance.
The program entails participants to engage in 80% action-oriented projects where they will be able to quickly understand and learn the skills required to make great sales. The participants will have an opportunity to receive further tools and support on how to handle complex sales objections in today’s business market.


  • Business etiquette


This course examines the basic dress/appearance, relationships with others at workplaces, business meetings, or social gatherings. The participants will be equipped with interpersonal skills, conversation skills on how to behave in society and captivate everyone you meet for great opportunities.

  1. b) RECRUITMENT AND SELECTION: We recruit workers of different categories such as permanent, corporate, contract, casual in professional and non-professional areas. It’s our duty to make sure that you get the right people for your business & organization. We also give guidance in designing employee policies, handbooks, employee appointment letters, and contracts.

c) CAPACITY BUILDING: We develop, coordinate, and implement various capacity building programs in different areas. We organize various workshops and train human resources in many areas including personal development, employee improvement, and performance at workplace, professionalism, productivity at work among others. This ensures that there is a shared value between employees and their employers.