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The use of Intellectual Property contained on this website. This website contains a variety of content including graphics, designs, databases, trade get up and colors, trademarks, and brand names which are protected intellectual property rights of the respective owners. The owners of Intellectual Property rights contained on this website are
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Trade Mark Rights

DAAS Africa Limited, DAAS Africa, its logo, colors, marks, and other symbols are trademarks
of DAAS Africa group. The use of any trademarks of DAAS Africa is strictly prohibited without
prior written consent and license for such use.
The websites sites are liked to company official social media sites like Facebook, twitter, linked in
among others, therefore the use of company marks for ad campaigns, ad words, meta tags on
websites and for search engine optimization without clearly identifying that you are not the
owner of the mark is prohibited.

Registered Design Rights

The DAAS Africa logo design is a design for the company. No use of the design, including
making, offering, putting on the market, importing, exporting, stocking for sale, or otherwise
using a product that incorporates the DAAS logo design is permitted without prior consent
for such use. No use of DAAS logo on any product for sale, including books, magazines,
newspapers, digital media formats is permitted without prior consent unless such use is for non-
commercial, teaching, or experimental purposes. Our logo is our corporate symbol and therefore
shall only be used by DAAS and to represent DAAS.

Content Rights

All the information on this website amount to database/content rights and as such are protected.
Unauthorized use, extraction, or copying without the permission of the respective right holders is
strictly prohibited. All information regarding tariffs is for customer information purposes only
and is not to be reproduced without permission.


Content such as graphics, text, video content and other media contained on this website is
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Permission for Use of Intellectual Property Content

All parties, including customers, clients, development, and business partners are NOT permitted to use the intellectual property rights of the respective owners without prior written consent or license of the respective owners. Media and press outlets are not permitted to use any content contained on this website without prior permission. Any third party use of marks or logos is prohibited. This includes the use of the term DAAS or DAAS Africa, logos, or designs for sale or offer of goods without permission. You are advised to contact DAAS Africa in order to seek permission before obtaining use or to verify the extent of their permission of use. Consumers are permitted to view content and involuntarily store data as part of the function of using the website for their own non-commercial purposes but are not permitted to reproduce, copy or use any content on any third party website whatsoever to the fullest extent permitted by law in any area of jurisdiction.

Please note that you are put on notice that the use of statutory defenses does not grant an automatic right to use or partake in any fair dealing of content on this website. For users in jurisdictions that grant a user a right of fair use of the content, that use should be strictly in adherence to the lawful provisions applicable. The use of this website does not provide users with any general grant of license to use the content of this website.

Seeking Permission for Use

If you wish to use the content for our website, business or other purposes, please write to DAAS
Africa Limited, P.O.Box 387 Kampala Uganda or write an email to us on using SEEKING PERMISSION TO USE in the email header, and stating what elements of content you wish to use, the purpose of the use and the intended period of use. Please provide full company details or your own details to ensure your request is processed promptly.

Should you fail to receive a response, this should not be considered as an implied acceptance or grant of use for the content. Should permission for use be granted, you may be required to enter into a license agreement and pay a fee for the use, depending on the purpose of your intended use.

Malicious damage

DAAS actively monitors the use of its sites by those whose intent is malicious damage in any way. We will pursue any legal means necessary to eliminate counterfeit such by all means.


We declare that the content on the website is our own, yes we have used some other borrowed contents such as words, sentences, photographs, pictures, smiles, proverbs, colors and the like for illustrative purposes. DAAS Africa Limited shall not be held liable for any loss incurred by your using the content on the website or referring to it. By using this website you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions of DAAS Africa and you will not raise any dispute against DAAS Africa Limited because of your using the content on the website.